<b>Cleaner Production: A Growing Movement in Brazilian Companies</b>


  • Oduvaldo Vendrametto
  • Nivaldo Palmeri Palmeri UNIP
  • Geraldo Cardoso Oliveira Neto UNIP
  • Osvaldo D'Angelo Perreti UNIP




Cleaner Production, elimination of waste, improvement in productivity.


Cleaner Production (CP) is gaining emphasis in both world and Brazilian production sectors. Nature’s warnings indicating the exhaustion of any capacity to absorb and regenerate waste, stricter legislation regarding pollution emitters, market competitiveness associated with environmental and social responsibility cause concerns and lead to actions to reduce aggressions against the environment. This paper shows evidence of this concern and presents cases in which a large automotive industry, acting as a partner to suppliers, promotes changes in how it delivers its products, eliminating large cardboard, plastic and wood packaging. A small company had a similar initiative, reducing the use of cardboard and plastic packaging. More important is the revelation of a widely dispersed, yet growing and incremental movement of responsibilities among companies.The benefits of cleaner production implementation were evaluated by confronting environmental and financial assessment. For the ambient evaluation, it will be used methodology of Material Intensity (Wuppertal Institute, a).


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Nivaldo Palmeri Palmeri, UNIP

Mestre em Engenharia de Produção

Geraldo Cardoso Oliveira Neto, UNIP

Mestre em Engeharia de Produção

Osvaldo D'Angelo Perreti, UNIP

Mestre em Engenharia de Produção



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Vendrametto, O., Palmeri, N. P., Oliveira Neto, G. C., & Perreti, O. D. (2010). <b>Cleaner Production: A Growing Movement in Brazilian Companies</b>. Revista Produção Online, 10(1). https://doi.org/10.14488/1676-1901.v10i1.240