Avaliação de Risco como Instrumento de Gestão Ambiental

Francisco José Costa Araujo, Paulo José Adissi, Rose Meire Penha, Rovoredo de Macedo, Sayonara Sonnaly Rocha, Sérgio Marques Filho


Environmental quality and its risks are major concerns for modern society. Such priority is motivated by the potential impact of developing technologies, changes in lifestyle and an increased consciousness of potential risks these changes have on health and security. The meticulous examination of environmental impact has become a worldwide challenge. Concepts and instruments which allow for precise analysis of the ecosystem and its repercussions have been the object of investigation at numerous universities and research centers. The incorporation of better methods of evaluation of environmental impacts takes on another dimension when Brazilian businesses seek ISO 14000 certification. The goal of this research paper is to offer information for a better understanding of the techno-scientific knowledge which accompanies the discussions concerning the risks involved in environmental management of electrical energy transmission systems. A method is proposed for defining the level of risk of environmental impact occasioned by an electrical energy transmission system; a method based on a preliminary analysis of risks.

Keywords: Environmental impact assessment; Management of Environmental Risks; Electrical energy transmission system.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14488/1676-1901.v1i1.595

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